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The Ava group is one of the world’s leading on-line forex trading brokers. More than 200,000 registered customers from 160 plus countries worldwide execute over 2 million trades per month with Ava, with total trading volumes exceeding $50 billion per month*.

AvaTrade - The Opportunity to Increase Your Income

Founded in 2006 by a team of financial professionals and experts in Internet technology, Avatrade is dedicated to creating the ultimate online trading experience.

Investing Online, or self-directed investing, has become the norm for individual investors and traders over the past decade with many, if not all brokers now offering online services with unique trading platforms. You can LEARN TO TRADE ONLINE WITH AvaTrade’s online education. Get all the information you need to get started.

Use one of AVA award winning trading platforms, for the beginner through to the advanced trader. With over 200 products to trade, the opportunity to increase your income is now here.

AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - Trade With an Online Forex Trading Broker

AvaTrade is dedicated to providing the FX trader with an online forex trading platform, with full integrity and fairness. AvaTrade state-of-the-art foreign exchange trading platform AvaTrader, is easy enough to be used by novice traders, while providing the most sophisticated traders with all the necessary tools.

AvaTrade offer all their clients personal service, ensuring that their currency trading experience is efficient and hassle free. Ava knows what you need and are ready to serve you. You can begin by trying their free demo platform with a $100,000 practice account.

Look at AvaTrade resources, read their daily commentaries, sign up for a real online forex account and then start to trade forex. AvaTrade Award Winning platform will allow you to get the most updated FX market analysis, FX streaming news, up to date economic calendar, technical analysis tools, online charts and much more.

On the AvaTrade software you can trade many financial instruments such as: Oil, Stock trading, CFD trading, Indices (DJ, S&P500, FTSE, DAX, CAC, MIB, NIKKEI and others), Gold, Silver, Sugar, Cotton, Gas and all the other major commodities. You can also enjoy the benefits of Ava forex auto trading solution or Metatrader 4.

AvaTrade value your trust and spare no efforts in ensuring that your funds are safe and secure with them. AvaTrade have a unique partner program for forex white labels and introducing brokers.

AvaTrade offers a world class Support Center in over 15 languages.

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AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - MetaTrader4

Enjoy the unparalleled power and convenience of the popular MetaTrader4 trading platform with the peerless range of financial instruments and customer service offered by AvaTrade.

MetaTrader4’s server-based platform is fully customizable and allows you to trade Forex, Commodities, Shares and more on a single screen. AvaTrade and MetaTrader4 provide a seamless trading experience with fast executions and up to 200:1 leverage.

Join AvaTrade today and download MetaTrader4 free of charge.

AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - Get Closer to the Market with AvaTrade

Open a Floating Spread Account today and trade on tighter spreads derived directly from the world’s leading banks. When you trade using an AvaTrade Floating Spread account, the spread you pay is always based on the best Bid/Ask available on the interbank market at the moment you place your order. Floating spreads are typically very tight, which means on average you pay less on every Forex or CFD trade you make.

Enter the Gold Market with AvaTrade

Gold is one of the most liquid and exciting commodities to trade – its price is directly affected by real world events and it can offer a great way to diversify one’s portfolio and balance risk.

Trade Gold CFDs long or short instantly and enjoy leverage of up to 200:1. With AvaTrade you can also trade in Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Copper. Plus you get all the tools and analysis you need to help you make more informed trade decisions.

Open your trading account with AvaTrade and enter the Gold market today.

AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - AvaTrade is one of the world’s most popular online brokers, with more than 200,000 registered customers. They aim to make trading as simple as possible for you but without compromise. They offer more than 200 financial products, a range of trading platforms and tools, and the best news and analysis.

  • AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - Bitcoin

    Trade Bitcoin And Litecoin Now!

    The simplest, safest way to trade. Open an account in 5 minutes. Trade long or short instantly. Get up to 20:1 leverage. Guaranteed liquidity*. New client bonus of up to $10,000.

  • Trade Alibaba and all the big IPOs with AvaTrade and get your new client bonus!

    Trade Alibaba and all the big IPOs with AvaTrade

    Don’t miss the biggest IPO of 2014. Get a new client bonus of up to $10,000*. Get leverage of up to 20:1. Trade more than 100 other major stocks. Go long or short in an instant

  • AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - Online Forex Options

    Online Forex Options

    AVAOptions makes forex options trading truly accessible to the serious online trader for the first time. Open an account for as little as $1,000 and get access to a powerful feature-packed platform that lets you to trade the full variety of OTC vanilla options alongside your spot FX trades.

  • AvaTrade Online Trading Platform - Trading Gold

    Trading Gold Is A Smart Choice

    New account bonus of up to $5000. Trade gold, silver, oil & a variety of other commodities. Choose from a range of powerful trading platforms. Open an account for as little as $100 get up to 400:1 leverage *. Leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.